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Angela R. Green Art

Return To Me II

Return To Me II

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Return To Me II is part of the Return To Me series.  This painting has a lot of mixed media texture applied by using a palette knife.  This painting represents returning to the person you were created to be. The leaves and red flower on the left symbolize that she is adorned with beauty, but there are painful hidden secrets covered up by the leaves on the left.

There is a slight smile on her face that says that "I'm okay", but it is used to camouflage a wounded soul.  Despite her issues, the yellow and orange butterfly symbolizes change, hope, peace, healing, and transformation that she can have in her life. The pink butterfly on her shoulder represents the grace and sensitivity she could have when confronting her painful hidden secrets. The lines on the painting represent which direction she will take. 

This painting involves more storytelling than my previous pieces.  The painting is properly wired and the sides are painted for easy display.  The painting is also signed by the artist.


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12 x 16 x 0.75

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