Creativity As I See It

Creativity As I See It

 When I think of creativity, I think of my imagination exploding with new ideas and endless impossibilities to create. I also think of the series "Return To Me". This series is the most interesting to me because it took me out of my creative zone. I am known for creating musical pieces. One day, I was working in my studio, and I began to see glimpses of women faces covered with butterflies. I was intrigued by the vision and began creating what I saw in the vision.

I thought it was only going to be painting like that, but now I am working on painting number 15. This series is one of my best sellers. The colors and creativity come from God who has given me the ability to create this series. There are hidden messages in each painting. When I am finished painting, I wait and listen for God to give me the meaning of it. He is the real artist.


Never Be Afraid To Try Something New.

Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes and Do Not Beat Yourself Up Over It. Do Not Give Up, Keep Trying. You Will Only Get Better The More You Practice.

Step Outside of Your Comfort and Explore Other Options That Will Make The World Beautiful.

Believe in yourself. Don't Wait For Others To Affirm, Validate, or Endorse you

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